Foros Sea Park Village

Residential and Business Complex Foros - ...BACK TO NATURE..

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Imagine that you live in a magical place on the beach close to nature within six miles from the town centre but you can reach work riding your bicycle in seven minutes… How can this dream become a reality? It can be a reality if you live in the new residential village Foros. This is the place where you can taste the salty breath of the sea while watching the forest of yacht masts in front of your home. The presence of a functional business park in the heart of the residential complex will allow you the opportunity to work minutes away from your home. Additionally, for those that work in the Burgas city centre, Foros will have its own seaport. The fast ferry will connect the complex with the central seaport in Burgas in only 7 minutes.
We present to your attention an example of a 21st century masterplan design to integrate different functional elements in organic symbiosis. Preserving and re-cultivating, a return for man back to nature by creating an area for dynamic life, work and entertainment, mixing together the ingredients of life in a new “clever” city for the modern people.

The total built up area of 450 000+ sq.m. is well balanced with the total area of the site - 400 000 sq.m. and the massive re-cultivation and implementation of the green system - an integrated network of woods and green yards, together with artificial lakes and pools, creates a garden city that will also help making this area sustainable and usable throughout the year.

All the buildings are organized as small villages, with their own yards, water areas, facilities, parking spaces and all the amenities needed for round the year existence in harmony with nature. Having the possibility to organize residences on this beautiful peninsula we have made sure that every single unit has a direct view to the sea.

Key Facts:
  • Project Foros covers 384,854 sq.m of land.
  • Land plot of 3,331 sq.m is intended for the development of a high-rise luxury hotel with a marina.
  • Land plot of c. 6,000 sq.m can be acquired near the entrance of the Project (excluded from Foros).

These features would allow for the development of the Project as both:
a residential quarter – a modern, green, “second center” of the city by the sea;
vacation destination intended for seasonal use or as a second home.

Due to the geographic position of the city of Burgas and the limitations imposed by surrounding lakes, sea and airport, Kraimorie (where Foros is located) is providing a natural direction of expansion of the city.